Greta, M, London, UK

   Before my first meeting with Mahesh Gordhan I was helpless, scared and out-of-control. There was


Before my first meeting with Mahesh Gordhan I was helpless, scared and out-of-control. There was a feeling of relief that someone actually understood what I was going through. I had suffered a long battle with OCD and anxiety which eventually lead to depression. I longed for guidance, peace and meaning for life, yet felt it was way out of my reach. Fortunately, all of that changed. 

Through Mahesh Gordhan I found serenity, balance and got my life back. My life is no longer consumed by fear and worry. I now rarely have panic attacks, and while I think of them as uncomfortable, I have confidence in my ability to cope with them. For the most part, I can do what I want in life and I am not limited by fear. Mahesh Gordhan guided me into positive thinking and helped me to keep the negativity out of my life. He supported me finding my long lost self-esteem through karma, relaxation exercises, CBT and meditation. 

I learned to love myself, appreciate the world around me and basically jumped out of the black hole. My life has definitely changed for the better due to the skills I've learned through my sessions and for this reason I will be eternally grateful. 

Fraser H, New Plymouth, NZ



Mahesh has helped me in more ways than anyone thought would be possible. Until I meet Mahesh I had a lot of problems with in myself around depression and childhood abuse and I ended up in and out of prison. I had no direction on where to go with my life, my relationship was ending and all seemed to go down hill.


Things change from the first day that I meet Mahesh and the first change was that my relationship started on the road of repair. I have also been freed from depression and no longer bite my nails which has been along habit since I was bout 6 years of age - I now have nails! I am able to face day to day problems without it getting me down and control my mood. I no longer take medication and have been cleaned from drugs for sometime now and I have such a positive outlook on the future. My partner and I are happy and things couldn't be better.


Mahesh has help me to let go of the pain from my past and make piece within myself. I will always be for ever thank you for how he has brought piece and love back into my life.

Simon H, London, UK



I work as a Reiki Teacher and psychic healer with a large established practice. In this capacity I have a wide range of clients with varying needs. In a considerable number of cases issues arise that are associated with past life situations. 


To gain insight on the nature of such problems, so I may apply the correct energy for resolution, I'll give Mahesh Gordhan a call. 


His understanding is spontaneous and flowing, accurate and relevant, always. Although I am myself psychic Mahesh brings a very special quality to the table and I consider him a vital member on my inner council of guidance. He channels directly from the Akashic Records and his abilities are quite phenomenal. His nature, intention and love flows copiously with the highest intention, and I give him the greatest recommendation. 


You are in safe hands look no further, Mahesh is the real deal and an outstanding natural talent. 

Tanya A, Palmerston North, NZ



I was having a conversation with Mahesh one day about how one of my daughters was faring in her life and he wrote up a programme to help me resolve some of the issues that are present. He stated that this was because I used to be her father in another lifetime and I indulged her and could do a healing programme to resolve this. This healing was done remotely and that my daughter did not need to know or be aware of what I was doing. 


I got the programme and the hard part for me was setting the time aside each day to do the healing that was required each and every day for a full month. I had many things going on in my life that I often felt too tired to want to take the time to do the fifteen minutes that was required. 


For thirty days, I made myself do the healing for my daughter. Some days of course were easier than others and I did not struggle quite so much.Within the thirty day period, I noticed changes in my daughter. She started getting stronger mentally and I could see she was pulling herself up from the depths she had sunk down into and had not seemed to have any energy to change where she had gotten herself.


After the thirty days were over, my daughter had changed significantly. She had broken up with her abusive boyfriend and chucked him out of her flat. My girl is more decisive, more interested in her life and is making changes for the better.  

Amber B, London, UK



I have been working with Mahesh over the past two years with regards to various areas of spiritual and self development. Towards the beginning of our time together I encountered quite high levels of frustration and impatience with myself and also the advice/guidance I was being given. Thanks to his endless patience, understanding and capacity to feel compassion for others I was able to eventually shift my thoughts and beliefs and move from a predominantly head-centred to a heart-centred way of being. Mahesh has always been there to support me and it truly feels as though any problem or challenge I may have is something that he cares about deeply too (and is often aware of an issue even before I am)! I believe his abilities in this area (psychic and intuitive) have been instrumental in achieving this. His deep level of care and concern is unlike anyone I have ever encountered and his contribution is always full of wisdom and for my highest good. I am unable to recall the number of times Mahesh has gone out of his way to help me along my path due to his generosity of spirit and the goodness of his heart. He is a remarkable person who has the gift to transform and empower those who encounter him and beyond. The greatest gift he has given me - which may sound the simplest- is the gift of valuing myself. He is a wonderful friend and mentor and I am eternally grateful for his immeasurable contribution to my life. 

Jane K, Brisbane, Australia



My name is Jane from Brisbane, Australia and I met Mahesh Gordhan for the first time in November 2009. Prior to meeting Mahesh, my mental and physical health conditions were extremely bad. I had many difficulties in walking, talking, lifting and so on. I had lost all hope in medical science as doctors could not find anything medically wrong with me. 

After Mahesh came, my life from there started to change as he provided me with healing and solved a situation from past lives which has significantly helped me in my mental and physical health recovery.

Before Mahesh came, I had many disturbing visions for which I was not aware of the reasons why they were there. The major factor stopping my physical and mental recovery was a situation or my karma that occurred in my past life. Mahesh was able to go back to my past life and visualise what situations had occurred which was stopping my recovery and also find the reasons for my physical health deteriorating. He went back to the spirit from my past life and was able to talk to the spirit which was causing destruction to me. After a discussion with the spirit, we underwent a process of forgiveness. After which, I realised the visions I was seeing were linked to my past life which have stopped appearing after that process. After that, things started changing and my recovery started improving significantly as the problem hindering me was solved. For the next two days, he gave me continuous healing energy pushing down the grey metal energy that was within my body. He healed me through the divine white light. 

I would like to sincerely thank Mahesh for the healing as he gave me a new life. I found him very loving, caring, honest, helpful, soft-hearted, genuine and understanding. We are very lucky to have such a divine person like him with such powers (able to see people’s past and future) and using this power in a good direction by helping those in need. He also gave me certain powerful affirmations and stones for my protection from negative energies. 

He spent much valuable time with us informing me of the many miracles and healings he has done and I am glad to say I was very fortunate to receive a healing from such a great person who gave me a second chance to live. I have no hesitation in recommending Mahesh to anyone seeking help and I am sure he won’t have any trouble addressing any issues or obstacles with his abilities.