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Sacred Geometry Pendants & Necklaces


A range of sacred geometry based pendants are available in gold, silver or stainless steel. The pendants come in a variety of designs and aid to a person's overall well being. 

Prices start as low as £9.95



Attuned 7 Stone Chakra Bracelet


To aid your overall well-being, I offer a Crystal Attunement with a specifically matched Attuned 7 Stone Chakra Crystal Bracelet to have you feeling balanced and energised. The Crystal Attunement (normally 30 minutes) is undertaken with 18 different crystals, selecting those crystals for which the Chakra bracelet is then tailored made.

The cost for the Crystal Attunement is £10 plus the bracelet cost of £19.95.

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7 Pure Oil Scent Mixed for Your Chakra


To enhance your overall well-being even more, I offer a Pure Oils Scents mix from Egypt that I specifically blend for each person which matches 7 your of chakra requirements to have you feeling balanced and energised. The Pure Oils Scents are blended based on the Crystal based Attunement which is undertaken with 18 different crystals.The Pure Oils Scent is applied to each chakra area either 30 minutes prior to a meditation or in the morning to leave you feeling balanced and energised.

The cost  for a 5mls bottle is only £4.95 and 10mls is £9.75.

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